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Heras Abogados Bilbao, is a lawyers bufet founded in 1968 by Pedro Heras Sevillano, lawyer, teacher and father of seven children. Who wrote this blog, had the honor of working with D. Pedro from 1983, we made our writings to the Court, thanks to an Olivetti, several folios and with the use of carbon paper to obtain a copy of them. The key of the current "backward" to correct a text, was the word "I say" putting it before the corrected sentence, then the modern machines were electric, also new was the telefax How was it possible to introduce a writing by a machine and Recipient received it ?, over the years came the digital computer, Internet and e-mail, you could write an e-mail and also insert some emoji; And that breakthrough was the mobile devices. Little by little we were discovering the miracles of the digital revolution, of such cultural, economic and social impact as it was at the time of printing. Although all this remains as an anecdote to tell the grandchildren, "praeterito est praeterita".

Now we must master terms such as E- Influencer, Engagement, Feedback, Tweet, Followers, Followings, #FF, Geolocation, leads, Hangout, Hashtag, Infoxicación, Timeline, Trending Topic, Troll, Viral, WoM, Branding, Segment, Seo, de Otherwise we do not exist in the digital age.
There was no choice but to get on the car of the advance, so I set to work and in 2013 I published my first post, I remember it was not as difficult as it seems now, it was fun and exciting to access our website and see published the news of the day. It was just a matter of searching the legal bases and the press, make a simple cut and paste, associate it with an appropriate photo, and voilà.

Every year since the first publication, things got complicated, how to be original, what news or article to select, what photograph to include? Finally and for a few years, I decided by intuition that those who clicked on our blog, would find something different, not only the known news, or the sentence of the day, but also some legal or economic definition, accompanied by an illustration not of Photograph, but drawing or vignette. I look at Blogger statistics and appreciate that to date, about 100,000 pages have been viewed, so I think there is something going well.

And when you think that everything is done, the RRSS arrive, and you hear, "You are nobody if you are not in social networks", so we get into the digital mud and suddenly and not without first investigating, studying and monitoring our Competitors, we are already on Twitter, Periscope, LinkedIn, Google+, updating our Web, looking for the keys for an SEO strategy to work from the beginning.

But first, it is necessary to know what the objectives of the web, its keywords and its possible audience. I'm in the egg phase, I observe other blogs, profiles, a crisis and how they solve it, I read and reread curing contents, I flee from junk content and infoxicación, I want to be original and attract readers, I study how to get the messages with Better efficacy to a growing public, more critical, demanding or simply saturated and insensitive.

All this digital world overflows us, we must have a strategy, we have to publish our blog on other social networks and create hyperlinks and repeat them at different times of the day. You have to find a headline as attractive as possible and write the text discarding the straw and going straight to the point, the reader looks for grain, has little patience. It only stops eight seconds in a publication and according to experts say not the same thing on paper than on the screen, it seems that 79% of readers scan the text, so it must have a certain hook.
It is necessary to interact with other users, to be educated as in real life and perhaps a little more, respecting divergent opinions and spreading our true identity, without deception, our final purpose is to empathize.
Writing easy is not easy, you have to be equal before millions of people than before two or three. On the internet, it is written with pen and not with pencil, so our post, should enjoy an original, fresh and disruptive content, persuading the reader in only eight seconds, with content cured, well documented, balanced and effective . We must create a state of comfort RRSS. What will be our engagement? The same that we look for with a neon sign, that know our name and that they place us where we want to be. Networks are the showcases of our project, the web is static and social networks are alive and that is our window to dynamically offer our goals. Hello World!

Isabel Asolo Libano (Social Manager) HERAS ABOGADOS BILBAO S.L.P.

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